UFFER OverviewThe University Foundation for Education & Research Inc (UFFER) is a not-for-profit organization developed by physicians, research scientists and academic personnel in 2006 to aide in the advancement of medicine through technology, science and education. UFFER provides local physicians with the support necessary to enable them to focus on research and other sponsored programs funded by federal and state governments, private companies and nonprofit foundations.

UFFER focuses on obtaining funding for and providing resources to serve the following goals:

  • To provide access to medical education
  • To provide free medical goods and services to challenged communities
  • To establish improvements in patient safety by funding and engaging in directed clinical trials
  • To develop an infrastructure to facilitate the efficient and safe exchange of health information among emerging electronic medical record systems (EMRs).


Access to Education

UFFER funding for educationUFFER provides funding to qualified individuals who desire to pursue advances degrees in the medical field, particularly those seeking to specialize in anesthesiology.  We also provide grants to medical schools and teaching hospitals to enhance educational and training opportunities in the field of anesthesiology.

Access to Medical Services

UFFER funding for medical servicesWe provide medical goods and services to the medically under-served and under-developed areas of the United States and South America.  UFER provides access to free and reduced-cost physician services, medical equipment, and supplies.


UFFER funding for medical researchThe Foundation undertakes initiatives in medical research to improve the quality and safety of patient care and outcomes.  With a dedicated research team consisting of a PhD research, biostatistician and the affiliation of physicians from every medical discipline, UFFER is able to fund and conduct a number of investigator-initiated and sponsor-initiated studies each year.

EMR Infrastructure

UFFER funding for national EMRUFFER members believe that the establishment of a national network of EMR systems would serve as an invaluable tool to improve the efficiency, affordability and quality of patient care, while reducing instances of patient harm attributable to ineffective communication and human transcription error.